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Elevating the brand positioning and digital presence for a long-established flooring retailer, while continuing to demonstrate their personable approach to customer service and commitment to excellence.

How do you effectively communicate a high level of quality and customer experience to allow a well-known regional brand to charge a premium price for their products and services?

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What we did


Fludes Carpets, a renowned flooring retailer across the South East, has served as a staple in homes for decades, offering a wide range of high-quality carpets, hardwood, vinyl, and laminate flooring.

Despite its strong reputation, Fludes Carpets faced challenges in extending its market reach and enhancing its digital footprint, while also demonstrating its commitment to excellent customer service.

This is where Tomango stepped in, bringing our expertise in branding, website development, and digital marketing to the forefront.

Our task was to refresh the perception of Fludes Carpets using brand realignment, contemporary website design, and a long-term digital marketing strategy that attracted customers looking for a great level of service.


We embarked on a comprehensive redesign of the Fludes Carpets website, focusing on modern aesthetics and an enhanced user experience (UX) to ensure the platform was both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

A significant aspect of modernising the website was shifting the photography style from product shots to aspirational in-situ images, creating a more emotive user experience across all landing pages.

This new positioning was elevated further by an extensive tone of voice overhaul. To keep the emotive feel, we took inspiration from brands such as Marks & Spencer and John Lewis, who successfully communicate premium value and exceptional customer experience through their copy. Leading with the taglines “Flooring to fall in love with” and “Carpets that make a home”, users are immediately greeted by a narrative that reflects the values and ethos of Fludes Carpets.

This website redesign was complemented by strategic SEO and PPC campaigns aimed at boosting online visibility and driving targeted good-quality traffic, raising the profile and awareness of Fludes Carpets stores within its regions.

We are now continuing to support Fludes Carpets across its entire digital marketing strategy by expanding its PPC efforts via Meta advertising, Google Ads, and by implementing a dynamic social media strategy to further broaden the retailer’s reach and foster community engagement.


Increase in average user engagement time
Increase in average monthly enquiries

The collaboration between Tomango and Fludes Carpets has led to remarkable improvements across key performance indicators, marking a significant leap forward in its digital journey.

The strategic overhaul of the website, coupled with our comprehensive digital marketing efforts, has not only enhanced the user experience but also substantially increased user engagement. This heightened engagement is a testament to the effectiveness of the new website design and content strategy, which have resonated well with the target audience.

The increase in monthly users highlights the success of our SEO and PPC campaigns, drawing more potential customers to the Fludes Carpets website than ever before. This surge in traffic, combined with a more compelling and user-friendly website, has naturally led to a substantial rise in enquiries.

The success of this project serves as a clear indicator of the growing strength of Fludes Carpets’ digital footprint and sets a solid foundation for future growth and success.

Transitioning to digital can seem daunting, especially for established brick-and-mortar stores. Fludes Carpets made the leap with our help, and so can you. Contact us to craft a digital strategy that captures the attention and market share you deserve.

Following the success of implementing the new website, we have been working closely with Glenn on an ongoing Digital Marketing Strategy. He has been a great source of advice and guidance. His enthusiasm, knowledge and patience have been a comfort for what could have been a daunting time for us.Ydelle Murrin
Fludes Carpets

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