Your brand identity underpins how effective your marketing is. A strong brand identity gets you more of the customers you want, who are willing to pay a premium for what you sell. Investing in your brand identity can triple your turnover*

The phone rings.

It turns out to be your perfect customer, who’s just desperate to buy from you.

What a great feeling that is.

Now imagine every call’s like that. Every enquiry you get is from an ideal-fit customer who’s prepared to pay a premium to buy from you. How much of a difference would that make to your bottom line?

Attracting the right customers starts with having a strong brand identity.

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Investing in our brand helped us triple our turnover in three years to £5 million. We’re now a global player in our market.Sean Welch
CEO at Agon Systems
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How we develop your brand identity

Our approach to developing your brand identity starts by defining your brand strategy; understanding what you do best, what your customers want and what it is about you that makes you different.

Then the creativity starts.

Brand research

1. Brand research

Before we put pen to paper (and yes, often the best ideas still start out that way), our design team do lots – and lots – of research, because a strong brand identity is always backed up by commercial logic. It’s not enough to just look good.

We research your marketplace. We research your competitors. We interrogate the design brief in detail. And then we start working on ideas.

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Need to work out your brand strategy?

If you’re confused about who your target customers are and how to get in front of them, use one of our Discovery sessions to uncover what you need to prioritise to get the most out of your marketing.

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Brand concepts

2. Brand concepts

In the first stage, early ideas and initial concepts for your brand identity are explored and considered. At this point, some will be rejected and some will be developed further.

Shortlisted ideas are thoroughly tested against the brief and at the end of this stage, the strongest concept is developed into a fully-formed design, ready to be presented to you.

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Brand presentation and refinement

3. Brand presentation and refinement

When we present our recommended concept to you, we’ll explain how we arrived at the final design – and talk you through the logic behind the decisions we made along the way.

You’ll also see how the brand identity might work in various situations and on different marketing material, so you can visualise what it will look like when it’s in use.

After we’ve discussed your feedback, we’ll make any tweaks to the brand identity design before presenting it to you again. Once everything’s been agreed, we’ll finalise the artwork and deliver the brand identity in all the files formats you might need.

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This rebrand has helped us focus on what we're best at and makes us stand out from even our biggest competitors. We're now in a great position to attract our ideal customers. Sam Wells, Director
Stuart & Partners
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Brand guidelines

4. Brand guidelines

When the brand identity’s been completed, we’ll prepare your brand guidelines, which set out how the different elements of the brand should be used. These can be made available to anyone working with your brand identity in the future, to make sure it’s always used consistently.

Your brand guidelines will be delivered in a digital format and made available online, so they’re easy to access and everyone knows they’re always looking at the latest version.

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Brand rollout and support

5. Brand rollout and support

You’re going to want to use your new brand identity on a whole range of marketing materials – from your business cards and brochures to everything digital, including your website.

You’ll also want everything to be consistent and to the same high standard. We’ll look after this for you and liaise with external suppliers to get everything designed and produced when you need it.

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Start attracting your perfect customers

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