If your brand image is holding you back and your marketing’s falling flat, but you don’t know where to start putting it right, you need a Discovery session.

Who’s it for?

You’ll benefit from a Discovery session most if you’re looking at your longer-term brand strategy and realised your current brand image is letting you down.

Typically, you’re already very good at what you do, probably have a good reputation, and have a few of your “perfect” customers already and would like some more – but you don’t have the right look to attract those customers.

You might be getting frustrated that you’re missing out to competitors who aren’t any better than you – you might even think they’re pretty rubbish – but they’ve just got a better brand identity.

You realise you need to change your positioning and your branding – which will make your marketing better – but you don’t know how to go about it.

Does this sound like you?

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The Discovery process got me thinking about things in the business that I hadn’t really considered before.Simon Bulteel, Founder and Director
Cooden Tax Consulting

How a Discovery Session will help your business

The Discovery session helps you figure out…

  1. What you need to put in place to get from where you are now to where you want to be
  2. What to prioritise
  3. Where to go to get it

…all taking into account the budget and resources you have available.

I’d strongly recommend Tomango’s Discovery sessions to anyone wanting to reconsider and reposition their brand.
Alistair Binks
Albion Languages

How it works

The Discovery session is split into three parts that typically take place over 3-4 weeks.

In Part 1, we find out as much as we can about the longer-term goals you have for your business.

We ask lots of questions and dig deeper into what you want to achieve and what factors need to be considered.

This needs to involve all the key decision-makers and is usually run as a half-day workshop, either face-to-face or, if that's not possible, remotely via two shorter video calls.

In Part 2, we take away what we’ve learned in the brand workshop and, as a team, have a second session at Tomango HQ.

We explore what’s needed to get your business from where it is now to where you want it to be and look at the different options available.

Finally, in Part 3, we present our recommendations to you.

We’ll talk you through them, explaining the logic behind each one and why it will work.

We’ll also give you three costed options so you can see what the necessary investment might look like, to help you decide which one you’d like to go ahead with.

You can then either take this information away and do whatever you want with it (for instance, to get quotes from other suppliers) or - and this is what we hope – you’ll like working with us so much that you’ll want us to carry out the recommendations we can help you with.

Cost – for a limited time, completely free

Usually the Discovery sessions cost £750 + VAT, but we’ve partnered with a number of regional funding organisations so we can offer the sessions fully-funded for businesses that are eligible and fall within the East and West Sussex area.

What to do next

Places are limited, so if you’re interested, in the first instance either give us a call on 01273 814019 for an initial 15-minute chat, or email

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