Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO remains one of the key pillars of digital marketing; well over 50% of all website visits start with Google search. A focused, consistent SEO strategy gets you found by your ideal customers that are looking for what you sell.

Are you fed up that, despite your best efforts – and considerable investment – your visibility on search engines is still so low?

Are you sick and tired of seeing your competitors come up time and time again for all your target searches?

Does it feel like your website does nothing to generate new business for you?

Imagine a world where your website generates loads of enquiries every week from prospects looking for exactly what you sell.

With a well thought through SEO strategy, you can dominate your target search terms and attract potential customers ready to buy from you.

How much of a difference would that make to your bottom line?

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We're now getting a phenomenal amount of enquiries - almost as much as we can handle - and the quality of those enquiries is just what we need. The results from our digital marketing are taking our business to the next level."Tim Briggs, Director
Window Wise
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How we maximise your investment in SEO

Tomango is a Sussex SEO agency, and our approach to your SEO starts with defining your strategy; understanding who your customers are, what they search for and what to focus on to deliver the best value for money.

Then we get to work, improving your ranking for your target search terms, and measuring and reporting on the impact we’ve made.

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1. Understanding your business

The first step in improving your search engine visibility will be to lift the lid on your organisation and find out where you are now and where you want to be. We’ll explore who your audience and ideal customers are and find out more about your marketplace and your competitors.

We’ll carry out our own research, but we also want to listen to your experiences and expectations, because no-one knows your business better than you do. Our research will include a detailed analysis of your current position in Google, what other marketing you’re already doing, and how well you convert interest into sales.


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Need help bringing some structure to your marketing?

If you’re confused about your marketing and need some help working out a structured plan to give you the best return on your investment, a Discovery session will put you on the right track.

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2. Keyword research and benchmarking

Understanding what your target customers search for is key to your SEO strategy.

So the next step is to take an in-depth look at your current search rankings and conduct competitor analysis to put together a robust list of the search terms (keywords) we’re going to aim to improve your site’s position for.

At this point we also want to benchmark how your website’s performing now, so you can measure the impact of the campaign.

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3. Optimising your current site

Once we know what searches we want to target, the next thing we’ll do is to make sure your existing website is optimised for those search terms.

This includes making improvements to your existing content, fixing any technical issues and implementing other best practices that score highly with Google.

During this stage we’ll uncover any quick wins, and it’s not uncommon to see some significant improvements within a few weeks.

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4. Creating new content to rank for your target search terms

At the same time, we’ll start creating new, high-quality content that targets the top search terms we’ve agreed on.

Over the following weeks and months, this content gets added to the website, and once the search engines find it, you’ll see rankings for your target keywords increase.

In time, your website’s authority will grow. You’ll start to attract traffic from a whole range of search terms from your hit-list and your customers will start to see you all over the internet.

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I love that Tomango can focus on specific areas of the business that we want to target. When I wanted to promote our new aluminium windows products, the team created some high-quality content to go on the site and within weeks we were top of Google.Tim Briggs
MD at Window Wise
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5. Quarterly reviews

Monitoring and reporting are a crucial part of any successful search engine campaign. If you know what’s working (and what’s not), you can make better decisions about what to do next.

In addition to providing you with regular progress , we’ll sit down with you once a quarter to do a more detailed review.

These meetings enable us to hear how things are going from your perspective, assess the impact of the work that’s already been done, bring fresh ideas to the table and plan what we’re going to do next.

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What could an SEO boost do for your business?

To find out how a strong search engine optimisation strategy can help you attract more of your ideal customers and help you reach your business goals, get in touch with one of our experts.

Call us on 01273 814 019 or email for an initial chat.

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