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Developing an innovative, long-term digital marketing strategy to generate high quality leads from big-name brands.

How do you raise your profile and stand out from the crowd to attract high quality enquiries from big businesses?

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What we did


Change Formation are experts in people development.

Founded in 2013 by Rob McWilliam, with the goal to inspire people to “develop, perform and achieve”, Change Formation provides tailored development programmes and courses for organisations across the UK and around the world.

Change Formation works with larger businesses; in many cases well-known names that might be difficult to get in front of.

Our challenge was to come up with a long-term digital marketing strategy – that didn’t rely on the leadership team doing all the legwork – to deliver high-quality leads from those types of businesses.


Through a series of workshops, we worked out that for many clients the first engagement with Change Formation is a profiling piece of work called Insights Discovery.

We knew clients that completed Insights Discovery usually went on to do a larger project – and our keyword research showed us that “insights discovery” was something lots of people searched for.

Could this be the hook we could use to catch our ideal fish?

With this in mind, we devised a digital marketing strategy that focused on:

  1. Using SEO and Google Ads, targeting searches around “insights discovery”, to rank Change Formation high on Google
  2. Once on the website, presenting visitors with a high-converting Insights Discovery page that encourages them to book a 15-minute consultation call
  3. Creating high-quality, search-optimised content on relevant topics, to deliver additional traffic to the site
  4. Sharing the same content on social media, raising Change Formation’s brand profile and keeping them front-of-mind with their target audience for when they’re ready to buy

This would be a long-term strategy that we knew would deliver sustainable results to help Change Formation achieve the growth they wanted.


Increase in traffic to landing pages
Return on investment

Change Formation is an excellent example of long-term investment in digital marketing paying off.

We started work to improve the search visibility of the Insight Discovery pages in early 2020 and introduced Google Ads in April 2021.

Traffic to these pages has seen a whopping increase of 655%.

Change Formation’s LinkedIn following has more than doubled and we’ve built an email marketing list which enjoys a solid 30% average open rate for each email sent.

And all this contributes towards what really matters – an increase in high-quality enquiries from perfect-fit clients.

At the start of the campaign, we agreed with Rob that a successful outcome would be an average of two good Insights enquiries each month.

At the time of writing, in the last three months Change Formation has received an average of FIVE of these enquiries each month, smashing through the original target.

For every £1 spent, we’ve generated £4 in return – that’s an impressive 300% return on investment.

Choosing to invest in a long-term digital marketing strategy, and sticking with it even when times were tough, has reaped its rewards; our business has increased by over 64% year-on-year and moved to a completely new level.Rob McWilliam
Managing Director, Change Formation

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