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Creating a design system for a complex, high-traffic website that can be implemented by an in-house development team.

How do you overhaul the design of your huge, complex website to increase conversion rates without having to redesign the whole site?

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What we did


Fantasy Football Hub is one of the most popular Fantasy Football tips websites on the internet, offering its subscribers insights and advice from some of the games most successful players through its site and app.

It currently has over 11,000 subscribers and has ambitious plans for growth over the next three years.

Tomango carried out a brand and digital strategy workshop with the FFH leadership team in 2020, and one of our recommendations was to improve the design of the website to increase conversion rates of paying subscribers.

But with such a complex site with so much content, a complete redesign was going to be cost-prohibitive.

How could we make wide-ranging changes to the site design to achieve increased conversion rates without having to start again?

The answer was to create a Design System.

Fantasy Football Brand guidelines document


Fantasy Football Hub already has a full-time web developer.

At the start of 2021, following months of planning, a new website with new features was in the advanced stages of being developed, but we recognised some work was needed on the design of the site to bring the whole thing together.

Working closely with the developer, Tomango developed a Design System that includes all the visual elements needed to integrate an exceptional design into the feature- and functionality-rich site that was being built.

The Design System included:

  • Typography
  • Colour palette
  • Tables and charts for complex data
  • Imagery
  • Buttons
  • Calls to action, including sign-ups

It was delivered as both a PDF and a Sketch file, so the developer had access to all the graphic elements in a format that made it as easy as possible to integrate.

Examples of user interface components used on Fantasy Football


By using a Design System, Fantasy Football Hub has enjoyed all the benefits of high-quality website design at a fraction of the cost of having a completely new website developed.

The new site is due to go live in the summer of 2021, to coincide with Fantasy Football Hub’s busy pre-season period when they see the majority of new sign-ups.

FFH is hoping the new website, with its new features and improved design, will boost subscriptions beyond their original 2021 targets.

We've got all the benefits of a great new design for our website without having to completely redevelop it. Having Tomango work alongside our own in-house developers has made the best use of our resources and delivered a great return on investment.Will Thomas, Director
Fantasy Football Hub

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