Digital marketing

A strong digital marketing strategy focuses on what works best for you, delivers maximum value for money and gets your business found online by the customers you want to target.

If you’re a business owner focused on day-to-day operations, you don’t have time to keep up to date with digital marketing best practice and constant changes to search algorithms or social media platforms.

It can be intimidating to even know where to start.

Our experts will devise a digital marketing strategy to attract your ideal customers.

We specialise in helping B2B businesses improve their digital footprint and maximise return on their investment.

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Tomango’s digital marketing support was instrumental in helping me keep my business in great shape through the Covid pandemic, and now, as the market recovers, has put me in a perfect position to reach new clients and markets.Rob McWilliam
Managing Director at Change Formation

How we optimise your digital marketing

Your digital marketing strategy might include search engine optimisation, social media, online ads, email marketing, content development and conversion rate optimisation.

But before we get started on any activity, we need to devise the right strategy for you, and that starts with a detailed understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve.

Brand research

1. Understanding your business

The first step in our digital marketing journey will be to lift the lid on your organisation and investigate where you are now and where you want to be.

As well as listening to your experiences and expectations, we’ll carry out our own research. This might include a detailed analysis of your current position in Google, what marketing communication you’re already doing, and your online conversion rates – how well you convert interest into sales.

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Need help bringing some structure to your marketing?

If you’re confused about your marketing and need some help working out a structured plan to give you the best return on your investment, a Discovery session will put you on the right track.

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Digital marketing audience and competitor research charts

2. Audience and competitor research

Once we understand your organisation, the next step is to get to know your ideal customers. We’ll research where to find them and how to grab their attention.

How do you stack up against the competition? We’ll assess how your digital marketing compares to your biggest rivals (and those you aspire to compete with) and work out how you can get a competitive advantage.

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Man looking at a PC for strategic recommendations

3. Strategic recommendations

When we’ve completed our research and done our thinking, we’ll bring your digital marketing strategy together and present you with our recommendations.

Our recommendations usually consist of a combination of one-off pieces of work and ongoing digital marketing activities. We’ll explain the logic behind each tactic and what we expect it to deliver for your organisation.

The recommendations will be clearly explained in plain English and always linked back to your long-term business goals.

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We're now getting a phenomenal amount of enquiries - almost as much as we can handle - and the quality of those enquiries is just what we need. The results from our digital marketing are taking our business to the next level."Tim Briggs, Director
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4. Implementation

By this point, we know exactly what you need to do to improve your digital marketing. And we have the creative skills and practical experience to deliver it.

Our digital marketing services will bring these recommendations, and their benefits, to life for your business, whether this is through one-off pieces of work or longer term initiatives.

We will work in close partnership with you, so you can be confident that your digital marketing is being professionally managed. And we’re always at the end of the phone (or email) when you need us.

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5. Quarterly reviews

Monitoring and reporting is a crucial part of any successful digital marketing strategy. If you know what’s working and (what’s not), you can make better-informed decisions of what to do next.

In addition to providing you with monthly reports, we’ll sit down with you once a quarter to do a more detailed review.

These meetings will enable us to hear how things are going from your perspective, assess the impact of the work that’s already been done, bring fresh ideas to the table and plan what we’re going to do next.

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Tap into your digital marketing potential

To find out how a strong digital marketing campaign can help you attract more of your ideal customers and help you reach your business goals, get in touch with one of our experts.

Call us on 01273 814 019 or email for an initial chat.

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