Redesigning an industry-leading website with new features including ecommerce and advertising opportunities for customers.

How do you redesign an industry-leading website to improve the user experience and increase revenue by adding new features?

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What we did


Meatex is a business-to-business meat trading marketplace for industry professionals to buy and sell meat online.

The previous website had been around for several years and enabled customers with an account to order online – but frustratingly, they couldn’t make online payments.

As well as its products, the site had great content for things like News, Jobs, Classified Ads and Events. The site was incredibly popular and had become something of a go-to portal within the industry.

But the site was starting to look very dated and the user experience was poor; loading speeds were painfully slow and the buying journey was clunky and off-putting.

Meatex was looking for a redesign and redevelopment of the site and wanted to explore some ideas for new features to generate additional revenue. More importantly, they were looking for a long-term partnership with an agency that wasn’t just responsive and reliable, but could provide added value with insights and ideas.

Meatex website viewed in landscape and portrait modes on tablet devices


The aim of the project was to design and build a high-quality ecommerce website that keeps Meatex at the top of its industry when it comes to the use of digital tools.

The site now has an expanded product range – initially around 1,000 products – and the new design makes it easy for customers to find and view the products they’re looking for.

Finally, and most importantly, the new site now offers a complete online buying experience with payments by Stripe.


increase in traffic from mobile devices
unique views annually, a 1.8x increase year-on-year

The new website has ticked all the boxes from the original brief.

With customers now able to pay online, sales through the site have increased dramatically.

It’s modern, clean design makes it easier to use, so the number of registered users and levels of engagement have tripled and doubled respectively.

Finally, the site has been optimised for performance, resulting at least in part to an 80% increase in traffic from mobile devices.

And did Meatex find the agency they were looking for?

We’ll leave that to Managing Director Tony Vardy:

“My previous experience of web developers was that they could be slow to respond to requests and sometimes even difficult, but working with Tomango was the complete opposite. The team is very helpful, professional and creative. They did a fantastic job designing the new website and they get five stars from us! You can count on Tomango to get the job done!”

Since we started working with Tomango our sales have rocketed and I don't think we could have done that without the new website.Tony Vardy, Managing Director

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