Window Wise

Developing a robust, long-term digital marketing strategy to dominate search results and deliver quality enquiries.

How do you raise your online profile and attract more of your ideal customers in a busy marketplace?

What we did

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Google Ads Management
  • Copywriting
  • Website development


Window Wise is a long-established and reputable Haywards Heath-based company that specialises in high-quality window and door replacement, conservatory and glazed extension installations throughout East and West Sussex.

Since 1990 it has improved and transformed hundreds of homes throughout Sussex, with its knowledge, experience and expertise reflected in every completed project.

In spring 2019, following a successful initial Discovery session, we started work on a long-term strategy for its digital marketing and online presence.

The remit was clear – to dominate local search results and attract quality enquiries from the target market.

Increase in website enquiries
Increase in organic search traffic


Although Window Wise was well known in the local area, the perception of the brand was that they ‘just’ sold replacement windows.

There was a huge opportunity to not only reach more of the target market for its core products, but also to tell people about the other great products they have, such as doors, conservatories and orangeries.

We went through a Discovery strategy session with the client to consider the options available to them and decide which they should focus on.

The decision was made to focus on:

  • Raising the brand profile with regards to other products other than windows
  • Extending the digital profile to attract target traffic to the website
  • Improving the effectiveness of the website in converting this traffic into quality enquiries
  • Marketing to existing customers on a regular basis to increase repeat orders
  • Increasing the referral rate, where a significant amount of business came from already

At the heart of the digital marketing strategy was a focus on creating quality, targeted content – alongside carefully crafted Google Ads – to increase search visibility, making continual improvements to the website and establishing an email marketing campaign.

I love that Tomango can focus on specific areas of the business that we want to target. When I wanted to promote our new aluminium windows products, the team created some high-quality content to go on the site and within weeks we were top of Google.Tim Briggs
MD at Window Wise
We're now getting a phenomenal amount of enquiries - almost as much as we can handle - and the quality of those enquiries is just what we need. The results from our digital marketing are taking our business to the next level."Tim Briggs, Director
Window Wise


Window Wise is a fine example of long-term investment in digital marketing paying off.

As the website matures and more high-quality targeted content is added, it has a snowball effect. We see this with our clients who invest properly in digital marketing over the longer term.

The blog attracts enormous interest and very high volumes of traffic, and whilst some of these visitors are unlikely to be ‘sales leads’, it has an overall positive effect on the authority of the site and contributes to improved search visibility all round.

By targeting particular search terms linked to areas of the business the client wants to improve, we’ve also been able to break into new markets that were previously untapped.

As an example, in the winter of 2020/2021 we embarked on a campaign to focus on a new high-end range of aluminium windows, which the client saw as a growth area. By creating rich content around this topic, within a couple of months Window Wise had SEO success and was dominating local search results for the term ‘aluminium windows’.

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