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Developing a completely new brand identity and website for a fast-growing Sussex-based software development business.

How do you reposition your business to stand out against the big boys and attract better, more profitable clients?

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What we did


James and Jenny Kelly have been creating bespoke software applications for SMEs since establishing their business in 2013, under the name Storganise. The company had grown steadily over the following seven years, picking up clients through word-of-mouth local networking.

But when Covid hit, the couple saw first-hand the problems of relying so heavily on going to networking events as sales plateaued.

They also recognised that the company name no longer reflected what they did as a business and wasn’t helping them win the right clients with bigger budgets.

They realised if they were going to achieve the growth they were after, they needed to re-think their brand strategy and develop a digital marketing plan to attract the customers they wanted.


The first thing that needed to be addressed was the brand.

In a series of workshops, we developed a new brand strategy and established the company’s positioning, value proposition, messaging and tone of voice.

This formed the brief for the new brand identity; both the verbal elements (a new name) and the visual elements such as the logo, colour palette, typography and brand patterns.

Once the client had decided on their new name, we developed the visual brand identity to reflect the company’s new brand positioning.

The letter ‘C’ is based on the visual concept of a “Page Loading” icon, but also suggests progression from one state (their client’s current poor processes and systems) to another, better one (i.e. using the brilliant software built by CmdShiftR).

The colour palette, with its cool, contemporary greys and warm, modern orange, reflects James’ and Jenny’s friendly, fun and approachable personalities.

The new brand identity was then applied across all marketing touchpoints, including a complete redesign of the website.

The new site was completely rebuilt from scratch, including new copy, written to improve conversion rates and quickly get across the message about what CmdShiftR do and how they can help you as a prospective customer.

Following the site launch, a digital marketing campaign was started, focusing on creating high-quality content that can be used on the website and across social media, to continue to increase CmdShiftR’s profile.

This marketing strategy will generate more high-quality enquiries without being so reliant on James and Jenny attending networking events. In time, this will add value to the business should they decide to sell or step back from running it day-to-day.

We found the whole rebrand process – with our first Discovery session and then working on our brand strategy – to be hugely inspirational. It’s been so worthwhile in helping us get a handle on our brand and marketing.Jenny/James Kelly, Director


This rebrand has successfully positioned CmdShiftR as a confident, approachable and professional big-hitter that can help its customers with the problems they face and make a difference to their bottom line.

This helps them stand out in a crowded marketplace and gives their marketing the structure and focus needed to deliver tangible results.

James and Jenny have seen the positive effects of the rebrand already;

Jenny said, “Although I wasn’t expecting this to change our fortunes overnight, the early signs are just what I was hoping for, with lots of positive comments and feedback from clients.

James added, “The main change we’ve seen straight away is how it’s focused and energised the team. It might seem silly, but having new branded clothing and a new website we’re really proud of has lifted everyone.

Tomango have done a brilliant job and the whole process has run smoothly from start to finish. I’m completely confident that investing in our brand will have the result we’re looking for. This was a good investment to make.”

This rebrand has given us clarity about what we do best and who we do it for. We absolutely love our new brand identity - it's given us a real spring in our step and is already making a difference to the types of customers we're attracting.James Kelly, Director

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