Brand Strategy

Do you struggle to stand out from the crowd? Do you find it difficult to get your message across and attract your ideal customers? It’s time to get noticed. What you need is a clear Brand Strategy.

Imagine a world where your perfect customers are beating a path to your door every day, ready to pay top dollar for what you sell.

Where your reputation is so firmly fixed and so clearly defined that you stand head and shoulders above your rivals and never have to compete on price again.

With a strong brand strategy, you can have all this.

With a strong brand strategy, every other piece of marketing you ever do will be more focused, more engaging and ten times more effective.

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The Brand Strategy workshop enabled us to identify not only potential clients, but the “right” clients. Our messaging has improved, and our network is starting to really see what we do and the value we bring. We’ve had three new signed up clients since our sessions.Steve Parmar-Greaves
Director of Parmar Staffing

How we help you define your brand strategy

By working through these clearly defined steps, you can create a strong brand strategy and start attracting the customers you want.


What do you do best, and who do you do it for?

When you understand who your sweet-spot customers are, all your marketing becomes much more effective. You might decide to focus on a sector or group of customers, or a particular service or product, or maybe even both. The narrower your positioning is, the better your marketing will be.

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Value Proposition

Why do your customers buy what you sell?

Customers buy things for lots of different reasons and not just because of price. When you uncover the real value customers get from buying from you, your marketing gets better as you improve how you attract and engage with them.

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Points of Difference

Why do your customers choose you instead of an alternative?

When customers are choosing whether to buy from you, they’ll compare you to the alternatives. When you understand what sets you apart from both your direct and indirect competitors, you can provide them with all the good reasons why they should choose you.

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How your sweet-spot customers think

What motivates your customers to buy and what do they worry about?

We get a better understanding of your customers and what makes them tick by developing customer profiles or Personas. When you understand what motivates people to buy – and what they worry about going wrong – your marketing messages will be more effective by providing inspiration or reassurance to your audience.

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Key Messages

What do you need to say to your customers to get their attention?

When you’ve worked out your positioning, your value proposition, your points of difference and what makes your customers tick, you can use this information to create your key marketing messages. These form the basis for what you’ll say in your marketing material to grab your customer’s interest.

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Tone of Voice

How do you want to come across when you’re speaking to your customers?

You’ve worked out what you want to say and who you want to say it to; the final step is to define the tone of voice that represents your business. Are you professional and dependable, or fun and creative? Your tone of voice will get across your brand values and reflect what you’re like to do business with.

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Working with Tomango on our brand strategy has been invaluable. The sessions helped us clarify what we do and who we do it for and now we’ve taken our business to the next level.Mel Berry, Director
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