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How do you make your business stand out online and attract your sweet-spot, most profitable clients?

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BioMedical Computing has been creating bespoke software for clients in the biotech, medical research and electronics sectors since James Densem started the business in 1996.

The business’s success has been built on robust, long-term relationships with its clients; most of them have worked with BioMedical for more than 10 years, and many of their applications are business-critical.

Most of the company’s business comes from repeat work or new projects from existing clients, which is all well and good, but in order to grow the business further, James and his leadership team realised they needed to attract new clients, something they’d always found difficult.

The problem was there was no consistent approach to their marketing, which meant they didn’t get many enquiries, and often they were the wrong type.

They needed to re-think their brand strategy and digital presence to get in front of more of the right people.


The first thing that needed to be addressed was the brand strategy – what does BioMedical do best, and who do they do it for?

In a series of workshops, we worked with the team to define the company’s positioning, value proposition and messaging.

We also established their digital marketing strategy – what they needed to have in place, where the gaps were, and what channels they needed to focus on to get in front of their ideal customers.

Having settled on who the target audience was, LinkedIn was identified as an ideal platform to increase awareness and connect directly with decision-makers.

High-quality content that positioned BioMedical as experts in their field was needed to pique interest and nurture relationships with those decision-makers to keep them front-of-mind when they were ready to buy.

And a high-end website was needed to support this credibility and help convert prospects into enquiries.

The new site was completely rebuilt from scratch, with completely new copy, written to improve conversion rates and quickly get across the message about what BioMedical does and how they can help you as a customer.


The new website has successfully positioned BioMedical as experts in developing software for those biotech, medical research and electronics sectors they want to target.

This helps them stand out from other more “generalist” competitors in a crowded marketplace and gives their marketing the right focus to deliver results.

Following the site launch, the digital marketing campaign was started, focusing on creating content around topics we know will appeal to the target market and position them as thought-leaders.

This marketing strategy will generate more enquiries, of the right type, consistently and over the long term.

Now we’ve got a clear strategy and an amazing new website, we’ve got the confidence that we can attract more of our ideal clients, which is what we need for our business to really grow.Adrian Davis, Operations Manager
BioMedical Computing

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