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Developing a bold and audacious brand, website, and digital marketing strategy to grow an experienced and straight-talking recruitment agency working across several niche sectors.

How do you stand out to both clients and candidates in a crowded market space without filling your digital content with buzzwords and jargon nobody wants to read?

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What we did


Recruitment South East are a team of very experienced recruiters that inject energy into every part of their work. However, when Managing Director Mandy Purdie approached Tomango, she felt that their brand wasn’t delivering the heavyweight hit that their service deserved.

To project confidence and expertise within such specialist sectors as viticulture, engineering, and manufacturing is no small feat; but you only need to spend a few minutes with the Recruitment South East team to know they’ve got bags of knowledge to back-up their bold approach.

Our task was to create a brand that translates across all their touchpoints and communicates their conviction; helping Recruitment South East to stand out, stay loud, and continue to be a partner their clients can count on.


Through our Discovery and brand strategy sessions, we established the three core brand values that underpin the ethos of Recruitment South East: Curious, Bold, and Discreet.

With these in hand, it quickly became clear how important copy and tone of voice were going to be in getting these values across to clients and candidates.

“Recruitment That Delivers More” – A mantra that explains all that you need to know in four words.

We coupled this tagline with a range of subtle visual devices to embody Recruitment South East’s commitment to up-front, honest, and strategy-led recruitment services.

Symbol – Combining a speech bubble with a target and pointer resulted in this symbol that signifies effective communication and strategy.

Font – The use of the font ‘South Coast’ provides balance to the primary font, reflects Recruitment South East’s personality and, by happy coincidence, denotes their presence and knowledge of the region that they are such an integral part of.

Colour Scheme – We confidently decided on a green colour palette that represents the down-to-earth nature of Recruitment South East, as well as new beginnings for candidates, and growth for employers.

We approached the website design with the same courage that Recruitment South East exemplifies, using large-scale imagery and video for an audacious visual layout, as well as plenty of negative space to allow users to digest key information.

With this technique we crafted a user interface that was not only visually compelling but also intuitive, ensuring both clients and candidates could navigate with ease.

From here, effective SEO and Google Ads campaigns were used to make sure Recruitment South East were getting in front of the right customers and candidates.

The Tomango team helped us understand our ideal customer, find our authentic voice, and translate that into a website that avoids the predictable templates of other recruitment sites.Martin Ellis, Executive Search Consultant


Increase in monthly website traffic
more traffic from organic search

The new brand and website have been well-received, earning compliments from clients and candidates alike. However, the data perhaps paints a more objective picture:

Post-launch, Recruitment South East has seen a significant uplift in engagement metrics. The average session duration increased by 28% and the commitment to high-quality SEO has resulted in 4 out of 5 visitors engaging with content on the site.

The website has provided a platform for Recruitment South East to become an authority within the recruitment space, showcasing their expertise and offering useful tips and tools to candidates. And with file downloads from the site being at an all-time high, this looks set to continue for the foreseeable future.

If you’re looking to capture the attention of your ideal clients and customers, talk to us about how we can help you grab the market share you deserve.

From initial discussion to completion Tomango have been first rate. The process was thought provoking and inclusive. They captured Recruitment South East to a T, and then somehow managed to put "us" and the way we are into our brand. This resulted in a fabulous website which we are super proud of and a new brand identity that encapsulates exactly who we are, what we do, and how we do it. I have nothing but praise for the team.Mandy Purdie, Managing Director
Recruitment South East

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