How Discovery delivered for Gatwick Diamond Business

Discovery / 18.07.22
Mark Vaesen

Tomango is a branding agency in Sussex. Our Discovery sessions are a popular starting point for new businesses and established organisations who want to refresh and reinvigorate their marketing.

In this article we explore how we took Gatwick Diamond Business on a journey to discover who they really are, what their customers want and how to gain more of them.

Gatwick Diamond Business

Gatwick Diamond Business (gbd) is a Sussex-based business community which aims to connect and support its members for their mutual benefit.

Gatwick Diamond Business

Member organisations range from sole traders to employers of over 20,000 people, from a huge variety of sectors. They’re all located in Sussex, plus parts of Surrey and South London (roughly a diamond shape around Gatwick, hence the name).

This diverse membership gives the gbd community a vibrant dynamic, but it was causing them problems with their marketing: How do you speak with a compelling voice to such a varied group of businesses?

The Discovery process

gbd signed up to one of our Discovery sessions to help them coalesce their thoughts and identify practical ways they could move their marketing forward.

We met with the gbd team over three sessions, each one taking a detailed view of the business, where they are now, where they want to be, and what is needed to get them there.

Our initial focus was on how their brand is positioned, looking at what they do best and who their ideal customer is.

We then took this work and distilled it into key messages, to be reflected across their sales and marketing activities.

Finally, we brought this all together in a marketing plan, highlighting the activities which would deliver the best return on investment.

What gbd discovered

Our Discovery sessions usually give our clients two types of revelation:

1. Clarifying the big picture

Much of this is about bringing together what the business already knows…but doesn’t realise it knows. This big picture information, when properly compiled and assessed, then feeds into all future decision making.

In the case of gbd their big picture revelations included:

  • Who they are and what they do to solve people’s problems.
  • How to position their offering to appeal to their ideal customer.

2. Finding the right tactics

Once the big picture is understood, our Discovery session then helped gbd to work out the best tactics to reach and influence their ideal customers.

For example, this included:

  • How to make people sit up and take notice of gbd’s messages – regardless of business type or size.
  • What communication channels to use for the best return on investment.

The results for gbd

I’ve been on many of these workshops over the years, but what made this one different was the way that Mark made the theory relevant to the everyday; yes, we came away with much more clarity about the gbd brand, but we also had some real, practical ways we could put our new plans into action.

Jeff Alexander, CEO Gatwick Diamond Business

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