Discovery sessions case studies – 6 clients share their stories

Discovery / 27.10.21
Mark Vaesen

Over the past 24 months, we’ve been privileged to help over 40 businesses establish robust strategies to survive and thrive in these turbulent times, by going through a Discovery session.

Here we’ve highlighted the stories of just six of them.

Albion Languages

Translation and localisation specialists Albion Languages have been helping international companies with their multilingual communication for over 20 years.

In a crowded marketplace, Albion needed to position themselves to attract clients that valued their consultative approach and weren’t just looking for the cheapest price.

What Albion discovered

During the Discovery process, we:

  1. Established who Albion’s best, most profitable customers are
  2. Explored the attributes that make Albion different and which appeal to these customers
  3. Identified the core values and personality of the business, and
  4. Worked out what needed to be put in place to attract more of these ideal customers

As a result of completing their Discovery session, Albion decided to:

  1. Invest in a new brand identity
  2. Roll the new brand identity out across multiple digital and physical assets
  3. Undertake a digital marketing campaign, to raise their profile online amongst its target audience

Read about Albion’s new brand identity.

Alistair Binks

“I’d strongly recommend Tomango’s Discovery sessions to anyone wanting to reconsider and reposition their brand.

We’ve gained so much clarity in the process about where we want to take the business next.”

Alistair BinksGeneral Manager at Albion Languages

Fludes Carpets

Fludes Carpets has been selling carpet and flooring from its stores in Sussex for over 90 years.

In that time, they’ve seen big changes in the way people find and choose where they buy their carpet and have had to adapt accordingly.

Fludes needed to make sure they had a robust brand and digital marketing strategy that wouldn’t just keep up with the competition, but would put it out in front, leading the way.

What Fludes discovered

In their Discovery session, we:

  1. Reviewed Fludes’ business model to find where the profits are
  2. Established what makes the business different (and why customers should care)
  3. Carried out a review of Fludes’ digital presence and digital marketing, to see where improvements could be made

Using these findings, Fludes realised they needed to:

  1. Review their brand strategy; they weren’t making their value proposition clear enough to their customers and demonstrating why they should choose them instead of one of their cheaper rivals
  2. They needed to update their website and
  3. Implement a new digital marketing campaign
Peter Hebditch

“Our Discovery session was incredibly valuable to us, and we now realise the importance of having a structure to our branding and marketing, so our message is clear and has a better impact.

We have already started to target our core customers online and through social media and are seeing an increase in the number of orders coming in.”

Peter HebditchSales Director Fludes Carpets

Digital Firefly

Digital Firefly specialises in helping larger SMEs, charities and not-for-profits make the most of social media to help them raise their brand profile and achieve their business objectives.

Having grown rapidly in its first three years, the leadership team realised they needed to refine their positioning and brand identity to attract the sort of clients they could help most.

What Digital Firefly discovered

In their Discovery session, we:

  1. Looked closely at what Digital Firefly do best (and better than their competitors)
  2. Who their ideal clients are, where they make the most profits, and what work they enjoy doing the most
  3. Reviewed their existing brand and marketing assets to see what, if anything, needed changing in order to attract those perfect clients

Digital Firefly established they needed to:

  1. Focus on their brand strategy first
  2. Create a new brand identity to visualise their new positioning
  3. Implement the new brand identity across all their digital marketing and on their website

All within a budget that would fit.

Mel Berry

“Working with Tomango on our brand proposition has been invaluable. It's extremely difficult to be objective about your own business, and the sessions have helped us to do just that - clarify what we're doing and for whom so we can take our business to the next level.

Mark also threw in some unexpected nuggets from his work with numerous businesses and organisations over the years. As a result of the sessions we're making positive changes to not only our brand but our processes too!”

Mel BerryDirector of Digital Firefly


Storganise creates bespoke software for SMEs to help them improve their processes, get more organised and as a result, save them valuable time.

They had established a successful formula for creating lead and enquiries via networking. Their challenge was to establish a brand profile that would attract the right sort of clients and create a marketing strategy that would enable them to scale the business.

What Storganise discovered

Storganise’s Discovery session helped them identify:

  1. What really sets them apart from their competitors
  2. How they can go about making this clear in their marketing

They’ve completed the first of our recommendations by defining their brand strategy and will be looking at a new brand identity next.

James Kelly

“I can totally recommend this - in our discovery session we learned more about ourselves in those 3 sessions than a decade of working on the business has given us. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. ”

James KellyDirector of Storganise

Cooden Tax Consulting

Cooden Tax Consulting has been helpng companies across the UK claim R&D Tax Relief since it was founded by Simon Bulteel in 2013.

As the business grew, Cooden found that its competitors changed; they started to find themselves up against bigger and bigger rivals.

Simon realised his company’s brand identity no longer reflected the status of the business and was beginning to hold them back.

What Cooden discovered

During their Discovery session, we:

  1. Delved deep into what makes Cooden different
  2. Established why target clients would want to choose them instead of someone else
  3. Used these findings as a basis for a design brief
  4. Created their new brand identity.

Read about Cooden Tax Consulting’s new brand identity.

Simon Bulteel

“The discovery session that I did with Tomango was fantastic, it got me thinking about things I hadn’t really considered before and really helped me to organise and verbalise where I was going as a business. ”

Simon BulteelFounder and Director of Cooden Tax Consulting

Fantasy Football Hub

Fantasy Football Hub is one of the most popular Fantasy Football tips websites on the internet, offering its subscribers insights and advice from some of the games most successful players through its site and app.

It currently has over 16,000 subscribers and has ambitious plans for growth over the next three years. The business has invested heavily in its website, which has become a real asset; but how could they strengthen their positioning to help them continue to grow on the same trajectory?

What Fantasy Football Hub discovered

In his Discovery session, Founder and Director Will Thomas recognised:

  1. FFH needed to be clearer about what it offers its customers that they can’t get from other rival sites
  2. We worked on developing and clarifying the brand strategy and then
  3. Made improvements to the website design – in a way that avoided completely rebuilding the site from scratch

Read about how Fantasy Football Hub got a new design for its complex website.

Will Thomas

“Working with Mark and Tomango has been incredibly useful for our brand and business strategy. It's given us a new insight into our customers and enabled us to create a set of key messages that we can use across all our communication channels.

Although we’ve only recently implemented these changes, we’re already seeing a measurable impact on business outcomes.”

Will ThomasFounder and CEO of Fantasy Football Hub