Brand identity for Sussex R&D Tax Credits specialists

Branding / 08.01.21
Mark Vaesen

Cooden Tax Consulting, R&D Tax Credit specialists based on the coast of East Sussex, has unveiled its new brand identity.

Cooden has been helping companies across the UK claim Research and Development Tax Relief since being founded by Simon Bulteel in 2013. Simon and his team works with its clients’ appointed professionals such as accountants and finance teams to access the most valuable tax relief that an SME can claim.

In the spring of 2020, the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic gave Simon the opportunity to review Cooden’s strategy and update its brand identity, which no longer reflected the status of the business and was beginning to hold back progress.

After completing a Discovery session to determine what needed to be prioritised, Tomango set about taking Cooden through a rebrand, to position them for substantial growth over the next three years and beyond.

The Discovery process got me thinking about things in the business that I hadn’t really considered before.

Simon Bulteel, Founder and Director, Cooden Tax Consulting

The brief

Tomango went through an extensive strategy and briefing process with Cooden  in order to dig deeper and thoroughly understand the business.

Whilst the first of these sessions happened pre-Covid and could be done face-to-face, once we went into lockdown these inevitably needed to be held over Zoom, but it was (almost) just as effective and enabled Tomango to approach the creative part of the project with an extremely detailed brief.

Tomango worked hard to get a deep understanding of our business and as a result we had a very detailed brief before we started.

Simon Bulteel, Founder and Director, Cooden Tax Consulting

It also became clear during the Discovery process that there could be a need in the future to create sub-brands, as the business grows and moves into new markets.

By keeping this in mind when creating the main brand identity, Cooden can easily activate these sub-brands when they’re ready to move into new areas and generate additional revenue.

The creative

The process of creating the brand identity involved the development of a bespoke primary typeface, the choice of confident secondary typography and the use of a bold new colour palette.

The result is a brand identity that positions Cooden as a forward-thinking, problem-solving, client-centric consultative business, with a strong personality and sense of self but one that really empathises with its client’s needs.

The new brand identity is fantastic. I’m delighted with the result. The new brand has just the right balance; grown up but playful. And I just love the green!

Simon Bulteel, Founder and Director, Cooden Tax Consulting

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