Full branding identity overhaul for Sussex translation and localisation company

Branding / 12.11.20
Mark Vaesen

Based in Lewes, East Sussex, translation and localisation specialists Albion Languages have unveiled their new brand identity.

Albion have been helping international companies with their multilingual communication for over 20 years. Beyond translation and localisation, the business specialises in consultancy for firms that want to take their international operations to the next level.

The first lockdown in the spring of 2020 gave the leadership team at Albion the opportunity to review their brand strategy, which led to them engaging Sussex brand design agency Tomango to take the business through a complete branding rethink.

The brief

“Our brief was to reposition Albion’s branding to reflect its approach to clients – as innovative, strategic, problem-solving”, explains Mike Vine, the studio’s Creative Director.

“The previous brand identity seemed to undersell the real value Albion bring to their clients. We realised there was an opportunity for the brand identity to really set Albion apart from their competitors, position them properly in their marketplace and take their business to the next level.”

Tomango went through an intensive strategy and briefing process with Albion, digging deeper to thoroughly understand the business. Face-to-face meetings on Zoom proved highly insightful, and enabled the agency to set about the creative stages with an extremely detailed brief.

The creative

The brand development process produced a new graphic device that signifies successful and joyful communication, confident typography and a bold new colour palette.

The result is a brand identity that positions Albion as a forward-thinking, professional but approachable consultative business, with a strong personality and sense of self.

After unveiling the new brand internally, Albion asked each of their team members to consider the new design and what it meant to them. The result was this word cloud:

Working with Tomango on the new brand identity has been a real revelation. As well as creating an exciting new look and impactful website together, we’ve also gained so much clarity in the process about where we want to take the business next.

— Alistair Binks, General Manager, Albion Languages

Visit the Albion Languages website: albionlanguages.com

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