Branding and Marketing funding for Manufacturers in East Sussex and Kent

Branding, Marketing / 12.02.21
Mark Vaesen

If you’re in manufacturing and you’re based in East Sussex or Kent, you could benefit from 35% marketing funding to help grow your business.

If you’re an SME (less than 250 staff) and are making, producing or assembling a product of any sort, get in touch by email at or by phone on 01272 814019 and we can put you onto the right person to talk to.

The range of products that qualify under the heading of “manufacturing” is wide; plastics, paper, printing, precision instruments and pumps. Glass, ceramics, jewellery, perfume, footwear, clothing, luggage and carpets. Bikes, tractors, trailers, caravans and boats.

Food and drink are also covered by these grants.

Marketing funding from the Manufacturing Growth Programme

The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) is an EU funded initiative aimed at boosting business growth within the manufacturing sector. Aimed at small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs), it offers funding for a manufacturer towards the cost of external advice or consultancy to support their growth.

And this includes funding for your branding and marketing.

How much funding can I get?

You can receive 35% funding towards your branding or marketing project, with a preferred minimum of £1,000 and a maximum of £1,500 funding per project.

The typical grant is £1,500, which at 35% of the project cost means your total project value would be £4,285.

How do I apply?

The process for applying for the funding is quick and easy, with support being provided throughout by the independent Manufacturing Growth Manager (MGM) for your area.

Your business pays for the project and then claims the funding back.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme is a great opportunity for owners and managers to gain some financial support towards the cost of an expert’s knowledge and time, which can lead to massive improvements within their business.
Robin Simpson
The MGM for East Sussex and Kent

How long will the application process take?

It’s really easy, and very quick:

  • Robin or one of his colleagues will contact you for an initial discussion and – if circumstances allow – arrange to visit your manufacturing business
  • He’ll undertake a Strategic Business Review with you and talk through your barriers to growth and the identified improvement areas
  • You then choose who you wish to work with to carry out your improvement project that reflects the outcomes of the Strategic Business Review
  • You have up to 4 months to complete the improvement project with your chosen supplier.

What type of project is covered by this marketing funding?

One area this funding is intended to support is in helping businesses with the cost of branding and marketing and, if necessary, the development of a clear marketing strategy.

Helping a business to define who their existing and potential new customers are, as well as how to effectively target these people with the right messages about their business and its products can significantly increase sales.

We’re helping a number of manufacturing businesses with their marketing plans using this funding route.

To find out more, contact us by email at or by phone on 01272 814019.