Is email marketing still effective? £4,040 in 20 minutes says the answer is yes

Marketing / 22.07.14
Mark Vaesen

Here’s some hard evidence that email marketing works and can bring you a significant return on your investment.

A few weeks ago I spent about 20 minutes composing and sending our monthly email out to our clients. This simple bit of marketing immediately generated £4,040 of sales.  Let me tell you how I did it…

Every month I write a couple of blog posts for the Tomango website, usually about a particular area of our business that I think might be of interest to either our clients or prospective customers looking for a brand and web agency like ours.  It’s a perfect way of demonstrating our expertise and engaging our audience.


Email marketing is extremely cost-effective and delivers outstanding ROI

Towards the end of the month, I put together our regular marketing email that typically contains:

  • A short version of one of the blog posts, with a link to the full article
  • A couple of projects we’ve recently started or won
  • A recently completed project from our portfolio

Using our beautifully designed HTML email template and the MailChimp email platform, I put together this marketing email at the end of June.

The blog post I linked to was called “How we saved our client £1,000s and boosted its turnover by 15%” and was about how important it is to put together a coherent and effective online marketing campaign.

I imported a list of our client’s email addresses from our CRM system, did a couple of tests to soothe my paranoia and 10 minutes later, the email landed in our clients’ inboxes.

Here’s what happened next

As well as receiving a few polite thank-yous and how-are-you-old-chaps, we also had orders for:

  • 2 requests for website updates
  • 1 client wanting us to take on their online marketing for six months
  • 1 request for an HTML email template (“just like yours please”)
20 minutes work.  Total sales = £4,040.  Thank you very much…

Tomango can help your email marketing too

Ready to boost your email marketing efforts? We’re always happy to have a chat, get in touch to learn how Tomango can help your email marketing, website design, branding and more.