Top Tips for keeping on top of fresh website content

Marketing / 06.03.13
Mark Vaesen

Updating your website content is important but we know what it’s like when you’re busy running a business – so how can you keep on top of it?

Why it’s important

There are two main reasons for adding new website content on a regular basis.

1.  It increases search engine traffic

Each page of your website can be indexed by Google and each one could potentially be returned as a result against a search.  If you include relevant keywords within your copy, each page becomes a potential entry point to your site.

2.  It creates a good impression of your business

We’ve all visited websites that have a latest news story that is over a year old – think about the impression it gave you of that business.  The opposite is also true; a website that is obviously regularly updated is the sign of a well-organised and proactive business.

Top Tips for tackling writing website content

We’re all busy people, and we know that even with the best intentions, writing new content for your website is likely to be fairly low down your list of priorities.  Here are a few tips for keeping on top of it:

1.  Write content in advance

Most people find it difficult to sit down with a spare half hour and come up with something off the cuff.  Set aside a morning with no interruptions and get “in the zone”.

2.  Cut up the elephant

Imagine you had to eat an elephant.  You wouldn’t try and eat it all in one go – the very idea would make your stomach shrink to the size of a walnut.  We can put off a task if it seems too big, so break this task down into bite-sized chunks.  Start by thinking of some topics to write about.  Plan when you are going to set aside your writing time and set a realistic target of how many pages or articles you’re going to write.

3.  Write in batches

Once you’re in the mood, write a few pages in one sitting.  This very blog was written in a batch of four pieces that took a couple of hours to do.  If some of your topics are related, you might want to consider grouping them together so that your research and thinking time is used most efficiently.

4.  Use reminders

Once you’ve built up your library of content, don’t forget to publish it.  Use your diary to set reminders so that you publish regularly.  Some content management systems will let you automate the process by setting a publishing date.

5.  Capture ideas for website content

Create a method for capturing ideas for content that might float through your brain during the working day.  When you think “that would be good to add to the website”, don’t let it get away.  Your system could range from the simple, such as a post-it note or piece of paper tacked to the wall, or the more sophisticated, like an app.  Whatever works best for you – just don’t let the ideas slip away…

Next steps

For help with keeping your website content updated regularly, or with other aspects of your website, contact us today.