Jingle jingle merrily on the manger, Santa Claus is coming to Bethlehem and the three wise snowmen are riding a sleigh pulled by Rudolph the red nosed Jesus! Merry Christmas!!!

Everyone has a different take on Christmas - I asked the Tomango team what their bests and worsts were about the festive season. Find out their answers below…

Favourite Christmas Song?

The Tomango Spotify playlist’s been filled with Christmas cheer since the 1st (including the Christmas Macarena - who knew?)…but what’s everyone’s highlight?

Nikki: “Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You.

Mark: “’Driving Home for Christmas.’ “

Mike: “’Christmas Lights’ by Coldplay.”

Trys: “It fluctuates between ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, and ‘Driving Home for Christmas’.”

Tom: “I’ve always been partial to Harry Belafonte’s version of ‘Mary’s Boy Child’. And, on the other end of the spectrum, ‘Christmas in Hollis’ by Run DMC!”

Favourite Christmas Film?

There’s an even split here among the ranks.

Tom: “Home Alone.”

Mike: “Home Alone. It sums up Christmas for me - a bit of violence, robbery, and kids.”

Steve: “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Trys: “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Nikki: “Home Alone.”

Mark: “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

And, just to make everyone feel old…did you know that Macauley Culkin is now the same age his mother was when Home Alone was filmed?

Best thing about Christmas?

Mark: “Brandy butter.”

Tom: “Lies ins and sustained indulgence of food and drink.”

Steve: “Family and friends all getting together.”

Trys: “Pretty much everything to be honest but spending time with family is near the top of the list. Summed up beautifully by Judy Garland: “Happy golden days of yore. Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more.” “

Mike: “Spending quality time with my kids!”

Nikki: “All the food!”

When should the ‘Christmas period’ begin?

Steve: “December.”

Nikki: “1st of December.

Mark: “Second week of December.”

Tom: “A week to ten days before.”

Mike: “The 19th of December.”

Trys: “Given I start listening to Christmas songs in June/July, sometime around then? Maybe September at a push.”


Least favourite thing about Christmas?

Nikki: “The feeling you get when you’ve eaten all the food!”

Steve: “Consumerism and the John Lewis Christmas advert!”

Tom: “Stepping on the scales afterwards.”

Mark: “Bingeing for 2 days​ and then having nothing to do for the rest of the time - why not spread it out, people?”

Mike: “Candied peel.”

Trys: “That final Sunday afternoon before going back to work. I swear it always rains on that day…”

Favourite Christmas TV special?

Steve: “Morecambe and Wise.”

Nikki: “Morecambe and Wise, of course.”

Mike: “The Only Fools and Horses Christmas specials.”

Fun fact - the episode where Del and Rodney became millionaires is the most viewed episode of a comedy ever in the UK!

Trys: “Although not a Christmas special, I for one can’t wait for the new series of Sherlock airing over Christmas.”

Tom: “Definitely the Gavin and Stacey one.”

Mark: “Don’t really watch much TV over Christmas, but always used to like The Royle Family or going further back, Only Fools & Horses”

Worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Mark: “A Manchester United headband/sweatband combo someone gave me in the late 80s. I’m an Everton fan.​”

Tom: “Every bodywash gift set ever.”

Steve: “A toaster - I was holding out for a TV!”

Mike: “A bar of soap…”

Nikki: “An electric blue towelling jumper thing…nice.”

Trys: “Satsumas, can’t be dealing with them.”

Favourite Christmas drink?

Nikki: “Champagne.”

Mike: “Sloe gin.”

Steve: “Mulled wine or a good dark beer.”

Tom: “Anything within reach!”

Mark: “Champagne. Such expensive tastes…”

Trys: “Mulled wine.”

What is your one Christmas wish?

Mark: “For everyone to stop being so grumpy with one another (Brexit, Trump etc)”

Steve - “Peace on Earth.”

Mike: “My Christmas wish would have to be that the Monopoly board stays in the cupboard!”

Nikki: “That no-one’s ill at Christmas…”

Trys: “That we’ll all wake up and realise 2016 was just a bad dream. Or I get a drone, that could work too.”

Tom: “That my undefeated Monopoly run that stretches back to 2012 remains intact (though I won’t ask Mike if he wants a game!)”

Merry Christmas from all at Tomango!