Building an email list of customers can be one of the most valuable marketing exercises you can achieve as a business owner.

Those who have signed up to receive your emails have already shown a qualified interest in your business. It’s therefore no surprise that 73% of marketers see email as the number one digital marketing channel for a return on investment!

Email marketing is direct, instantaneous and allows you to communicate on a personal level with your customers. build trust, and encourage them to return your website and convert.

Whether you want to increase sales or build a newsletter audience via ongoing email outreach, or utilise email marketing for a specific mini-campaign, Tomango can help.

From setting up email accounts to managing email lists, from writing engaging copy to creating full automation of sendouts, we have the expertise to ensure your emails are seen by the right people at the right time.

Email template design

Our in-house team of designers are equipped to produce bespoke HTML email templates that reflect your brand design and website and look great when delivered into people’s inboxes.

Do you want to build email marketing into your strategy? Get in touch with Tomango today.