In the spring of 2015, award-winning architects ECE Architecture asked us to help them grow their business by attracting the best young talent available to join their team.

It was clear they needed an online presence that not only delivered more of the clients they wanted to work with, but also focused on the careers, culture and social side of life at ECE.

Since launching the site later that year, ECE has grown from 50 people to over 70, and is working on some of the most exciting projects in its history.

“The website’s played a key role in helping us grow by attracting the best people we can, and the investment in the site’s been paid back several times over just by the savings on recruitment agency fees.”

— Stuart Eatock, Managing Director, ECE Architecture

The site also focuses on ECE’s strong portfolio, putting their work front and centre to attract more of the projects and clients they want. In 2018, the website design was updated to realign with ECE’s current branding and make the exceptional photography even more the star of the show.

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