How to find your perfect customer

Marketing / 22.09.17
Mark Vaesen

If I gave you a magic wand and said you could wish for your perfect customer, what would you wish for?

Our perfect customer would look something like this:

  1. Established, profitable business
  2. Looking to move to the next level
  3. Sensible budget (£5,000 for a brand, £10,000 – £20,000 for a website, at least £1,500 a month for their digital marketing)
  4. Sees the value of investing in good design
  5. Doesn’t have an in-house marketing team, or person

How to identify your perfect customer

When you’re figuring out what your ideal customer looks like, you need to ask yourself questions like:

  1. What’s the most profitable thing we do?
  2. The customers that want that thing – what can we give them that our competitors can’t?
  3. What are the needs of those customers? What are they trying to achieve/solve/improve?
  4. Who do we enjoy working with? What values/beliefs do they have?
  5. What’s their financial status? Can this be identified by things like where they live, what car they drive, or what they spend their money on?

Create a set of Personas

Having established what our perfect customer looks like we created a set of Personas, to bring these characteristics to life and have something to easily refer back to when we’re designing our own website, or planning marketing campaigns.

When you’ve created your Personas, don’t hide them away in a folder or drawer – display them, share them and above all USE THEM!

Share your personas with your team – put them where everyone can see them.

The importance of identifying your perfect customer

Knowing your ideal customer sets the scene for all your marketing – your positioning, branding, printed collateral, website and digital marketing campaigns.

Without knowing who you want to catch, how are you going to know where to fish?