Branding and rebranding – how to rollout a new brand identity

Branding / 21.06.13
Mark Vaesen

Our summer party is the latest step in the process of rebranding as Tomango.  Since we decided to create a new company from the merger of our two previous businesses, we’ve had to carefully plan how to tell everyone about Tomango without alienating our existing customers.

How to rollout a new brand identity

In this post, we talk about how we rolled out this new brand, what we needed to plan for and the things we needed to consider.

We were surprised at just how much we needed to think about; and how much time and effort needed to be put into doing it properly.   If you’re considering rebranding, we hope that by sharing our experience it can make the process a little easier for you.

Checklist for rebranding

We’ve listed here all the things that you might need to think about when rebranding.  Draw up your own list for all those that apply to you:


  • Register a new domain name
  • Design and build your new website – or change the brand name and logo on your existing site
  • If you have a new website, consider whether you will be retaining the old site and, if so you could consider putting an announcement on your old site inviting users to click through to the new one
  • If you’re changing your existing site, remember to update all your Page Titles and Descriptions
  • Add a blog post or news item to your website to announce the new brand
  • Update your keywords for SEO
  • Update your listings in online directories
  • Send your updated brand to any other websites that mention you and link to your site

Social Media

  • Facebook will let you change the name of your page if you have less than 200 likes – but it doesn’t change the URL.  You might want to create a new Facebook page and link to it on your old one, encouraging followers to like your new page
  • Create a new Twitter account and copy across your list of those that you follow – many of them will follow you back in return
  • Tweet about your new brand and link to your new twitter account – it is worth repeating this from time to time for several weeks and then intermittently over the first 3-6 months
  • Be sure to update your links on your website to your new accounts

Operational stuff

  • Update invoices, statements and Terms & Conditions
  • Employee contracts will need to be updated; you can probably do this with a supplementary letter rather than a completely new contract
  • Contracts for suppliers and customers

Business stationery and other systems

  • Business cards, letterheads and envelopes
  • Email signatures
  • Telephone voicemail, on-hold and out of hours messages
  • Signage
  • Name badges, if applicable
  • Any internal documents, forms etc

Other marketing materials

  • Presentations
  • Word document templates such as quotations, proposals, specifications etc
  • Brochures, flyers, catalogues
  • Trade show kit
  • Case studies and customer testimonials
  • Digital banner ads
  • Training materials for customers

Notifying your existing clients

  • Send an email to your customers using your existing brand ahead of the changeover to let them know and reassure them that it is a positive thing for them
  • Email them again on the changeover date with your new brand announcing the switch
  • The first time you speak to them in person, either face-to-face or on the phone, take the opportunity to talk to them about the new brand
  • Hand out your new business cards to your existing clients when you next see them
  • Consider some PR in local press – most publications will be interested in the story

The challenges we faced when rebranding and the stuff we forgot

Despite our extensive planning, there were some things that we just didn’t see coming or that we just plain forgot.  The big one was our telephone messages – we didn’t realise until several weeks later that they were still using the old name!  Also, don’t be surprised if some existing clients don’t pick up on the new brand even after doing all of the above.  They might just have missed it.

Help with your rebranding

Have you been through a rebranding and needed to consider some things that weren’t on our list?  Please let us know and we can add them.