3 signs you need to rebrand

Branding / 09.02.22
Mark Vaesen

Taking the decision to rebrand is the easiest thing to put off.

There are always day-to-day priorities that take precedence and, of course, the decision involves investment of time, energy and money.

For most businesses with brands that are well-established but becoming a bit ‘tired’, there are a number of factors that, when they come together, signal the right timing for a rebrand.

Whilst it can seem a little bit scary, businesses that go through a rebrand find there’s often a renewed passion in the business and an energy for change that’s infectious and exciting.

(We understand the fear of a rebrand – I even wrote about it in our article “How rebranding my business scared the shit out of me”.)

Knowing when the time is right

But how do you know when the time is right?

From our 20+ years’ experience of working with brands of all sizes and kinds, we’ve found that there are certain common triggers and patterns that, when recognised, tell you it’s time for a change:

1. Your business has changed

When a brand has become very familiar (and possibly held in high esteem by customers and employees alike) it’s difficult to be objective about it.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to take an honest and impartial look at where you are now as a business compared to where you were – this can bring renewed clarity and be very liberating.

What might have been a great look or name 10 or 15 years ago might now be tired or out of date. Perhaps your current brand no longer reflects who you are, and is no longer an asset that’s taking your business in the direction you want.

A strong brand identity will help you attract and keep more of the customers you want.

Figuring out who those customers are, and why they’d choose to buy from you instead of a competitor, is the first step. From here, you can work out what messages you need to convey to them, and the tone of voice to use.

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This forms your brand strategy. Your brand identity needs to reflect that strategy. If it doesn’t, it’s time for a change.

With your clearly defined brand strategy in place, you’ve got the foundations to make all of your marketing much more effective at delivering a return on your investment.

Read how we refreshed and reinvigorated the brand identity of tech innovators Agon Systems.

2. Your market has changed

As time moves on, marketplaces often become more crowded. The trouble with a good, original idea or approach is that it attracts others to replicate it or to enter that particular space.

Rebranding gives you the opportunity to re-establish your business as the leaders in your field and to set yourself apart from competitors in terms of your experience, offering and approach.

You can use it to show existing customers and potential new ones what your service or product is about. It’s a chance to redefine your brand’s personality and take fresh control of what you want to say to your audience.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, Albion Languages needed to stand out from the crowd. Discover how redefining their brand helped them attract more of their perfect customers.

3. Your customers have changed

In a competitive marketplace, what worked in the past and attracted loyal customers doesn’t always last, especially in a digital age when customers can explore alternative offerings much more easily.

Continuing to appeal to your existing market, and extending this to find new opportunities, can be a difficult nut to crack. A rebrand can help to introduce you to new customers and emphasise your appeal to existing markets.

When you focus on revitalising your brand, people notice.

Customers are spoilt for choice these days and they’re bombarded by messages left, right and centre, so it’s easy for your brand to get lost in the noise.

How your audience perceives you is critical to their choice to use your services. Having a strong, forward-looking brand identity gives customers confidence, even if they don’t realise it consciously.

The infectious energy that you and your employees feel for your brand won’t be contained, it will spread to your existing customer base and to potential customers alike. It can often be the impetus your business needs to grow its share of an evolving market.

Find out how we helped Cannadines reposition their brand online to attract the right customers for their high-end kitchens and bathrooms.

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