Much excitement was had at Tomango HQ in early March with a couple of side projects that absolutely took off!

With two weeks of testing kicking off the new F1 season, our in-house F1 fanatic Trys took it upon himself to set up a little website gently poking fun at Williams’ 18-year-old rookie Lance Stroll.

Canadian Stroll did not seem to be all too comfortable in his new ride…in fact, he crashed three times in just two days. So badly that the team couldn’t then run the car for a couple of days due to repairs!

And thus, was born.

A few strategic links placed on the Formula 1 subreddit saw the site take off. It spread to a variety of other online fan forums, and it led to a whopping 66,000 visits that week alone.

It even led to the Dutch version of GoCompare getting in touch enquiring about sponsorship, and even top F1 journo Craig Scarborough giving it a plug on Twitter:

As well as a number of likes and shares on Facebook:

The beauty of such a site, of course, is that there are plenty of opportunities throughout the 2017 Formula One season for Stroll to have a few more ding-dongs.

Unfortunately for him, it literally happened again in the very first race meeting of the year.

A testament to how far the site immediately permeated the F1 fandom was that we received another another 19,000 visits in the immediate 24 hours following – although Trys has to be a quicker off the mark when it comes to updating it! (We’ll let him off though, it was in Australia after all).

Eagle-eyed readers, however, will notice I said a couple of side projects. The second one took the success of the Stroll site and vastly improved it.

One of the main stories of the new Formula One season (and, really, the last few seasons) has been the fall of former F1 powerhouse McLaren.

Their former stong relationship with engine manufacturer Honda – one that decades ago led to four consecutive titles for Alain Prost and the late Ayrton Senna – has been eroded away thanks to an absolute dog of a car that has their leading driver Fernando Alonso lamenting his season before it’s even got going.

A much bigger opportunity therefore presented itself, and Trys quickly threw together!

This site was ready for the second week of pre-season testing in mid-March. Once again we took to Reddit to gently push the site, as well as getting in touch with the journalist tasked with the BBC Sport live text for that day’s driving.

To our surprise he gave it a mention.

We sat there watching the live Google Analytics, and the numbers started to tick upwards…

…and then what do you know. Not an hour later, one of the McLaren’s broke down!

At one point there were over 3,000 people viewing the site simultaneously. For that day alone the page received a mammoth 135,000 hits, as well as premier BBC F1 journalist Andrew Benson giving it a shout out:

Similar to Stroll, McLaren also found problems at the first race of the season. This meant that, across the race weekend, another 15,000 came back to the site!

All in all, two bits of fun that’ll keep us amused until the season finishes in November. More-so for Trys, who’s implementation of Google AdSense means he should cover the costs of a few NowTV passes throughout the year (and make sure he’s not too slow on the updating!)

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