Earlier this month I attended my fourth edition BrightonSEO conference – another great day that left me walking back up to Brighton station with my head brimming with ideas!

Once again I find myself reflecting on how incredibly fortunate it is that this fantastic resource is just a few stops on the train away. People come by plane, train and automobile to what is now Europe’s largest SEO conference, so being able to have a bit of a lie-in and still be there for the 10am start is an absolute luxury!

Throughout the day I managed to attend 13 different talks (with time for a cheeky Nando’s for lunch!), spanning everything from link-building, business, GDPR, social media, technical SEO, chatbots and content marketing.

Here are some of my key takeaways/interesting nuggets from the day:

Duane Forrester: Markup, User Driven Change and Your Future

(This isn’t a million miles away from the idea of being a ‘T-shaped marketer’ – one that’s a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of one)

Stephan Spencer – ‘How to Hire an Insanely Great SEO’

We’ve been taking on some good new clients in the last 12 months at Tomango, and it’s got us thinking about planning for the potential future expansion among our ranks.

Because of this, I made sure to attend the track that I don’t believe I had seen before, called ‘Business’. The first of three talks in this was courtesy of Stephan Spencer, who shared some very useful tips on how to approach the hiring process for a new SEO person (although much of the advice is applicable to hiring in any industry).

Here’s the rundown:

Emilie Reynaud – What I Learned From Building a Chatbot

I’m personally fascinated by the growth in brands that are using chatbots, so there was no way I was missing the dedicated session on the topic!

They’re becoming an efficient way for companies to sell products and provide instantaneous customer service.

In fact, acccording to Emilie an incredible 85 per cent of online customer service interactions will be carried out on the company side by chatbots by the year 2020.

Not only that – by 2030, artificial intelligence is predicted to add a total of $15.7 trillion to the world economy. That’s 13 times the size of Australia’s GDP!

But this doesn’t mean you’ll expect a seamless and instantaneous experiences just yet – and if your business does decide to use a chatbot for this purpose, make sure a human isn’t too far away, just in case things go a bit skeewiff:

BrightonSEO Emilie Reynaud chatbot screenshot

When chatbots go a bit wrong (apologies for potato quality!)

Emilie’s tips on building a chatbot

All in all a great talk and a great session, with another pair of brilliant chatbot presentations following Emilie’s.

We’ve already got a couple of ideas in mind for clients for how they might utilise chatbots…we’ll be checking out the drag-and-drop editors such as Chatfuel as well as the more technical platforms such as ai.ai!

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