Google Adwords (aka PPC, aka Pay-per-click) is a proven way to drive targeted traffic to your website, but if it’s not managed properly, you’re throwing money in the bin.

Your Tomango online marketing expert will look after your account as if it’s their own, eking out the maximum return on your spend.

“With a professional managing your campaign, you’ll soon realise the full potential of paid search.”

Our fine-tuned process starts with thorough research into the right search terms to target, before we set up your account for you and closely monitor it over the first days and weeks to filter out wasted clicks and over-priced keywords.

As your campaign develops, we’ll fine-tune your ads to get the absolute maximum return on your investment, delivering quality traffic to your site and turning them into customers.

You’ll get regular, easy-to-digest reports and updates on previous and planned activity, and our flexible contracts give you control over how much you want to spend.