The brief

For years, retailers have been fighting an ongoing battle with shoplifters who are determined to nick their stock.

The Concept Tag is a new type of retail security tag that’s set to revolutionise the industry. Its unique locking mechanism makes it almost impenetrable, and recent extensive trials resulted in losses being reduced by up to 66%.

This is a device that’s very much in demand.

Concept Tag

Logo and colour palette

Following completion of the trials, which were carried out in partnership with European retail giant JD Sports, Agon Systems – the distributor of the tags – approached Tomango in November 2015 to design a sales website to demonstrate to Heads of Security at large retailers the impressive ROI The Concept Tag can deliver.

There were several clear objectives for the website:

  1. To tell the story of the development of the product, including the thorough testing and trials that have been carried out
  2. To show what other significant industry figures thought of the tag
  3. To provide answers to the questions most likely to be asked
  4. To interactively show the user how much money they could save their business

The project

We’d worked with Agon’s CEO Sean Welch before, so we already understood how the site needed to work alongside Agon’s brand, but as part of the planning process we also needed to understand what the specific audience would be looking for.

Early on, we pitched the idea of a single page site, which we felt leant itself to the content and what the site was trying to achieve. It also gave us the opportunity to explore some ideas that wouldn’t work so well within a conventional site structure.

The main feature of the site was to be a calculator that retail managers could use to work out 1. how much they could save by reducing losses, 2. how much it would cost them to implement the new tags, and therefore 3. what their ROI will be.

Concept Tag Calculator

The calculator works out how much they could save by reducing losses

Concept Tag Calculator

How much it would cost them to implement the new tags

Concept Tag Calculator

What their ROI will be

“Thank you so much.

You’ve really excelled yourselves and should be rightly proud of this work.

I love it!”

Sean Welch
CEO, Agon Systems

The key to the success of this project was having control over everything from the start, including the branding, copy and imagery.

We’d created a new brand identity for The Concept Tag earlier, when the main Agon Systems website was being developed. As a sub-brand to Agon, the brand identity uses the bespoke typeface created for the original project.

So at our first planning meeting, all the elements were on the table so we were able to work out exactly how they’d all work together.

Once we’d got approval on the design concepts and the copy for each section, our Lead Developer Trys Mudford set about developing the site and creating and implementing the calculator.

When the draft site was delivered, Sean visited the studio and as we worked through final amends to copy – and some tweaks to the layout – on the fly, he was able to approve the final site as he took the last sips from his cup of tea.

Concept Tag Website

The result

Sean was delighted with the final result, as you can see from his comments.

As always, it’s the attention to detail that really matters.

For example, on the calculator you’re asked to enter your turnover. The idea is that the calculator can be used equally well for a single store or an entire retail group, so values can run from a few thousand pounds to several billion. The calculator recognises not only numbers with or without commas, but also a number of other entries like “1.5m” or “2.35 billion”.

Creative Director Mike Vine said “This project came together really well, mainly because we had control over all the different elements. Being able to make the copy work with the design from the outset makes such a difference. I’ve said it before – and I don’t want to sound like a stuck record – but the end result is always so much better when you’re creating everything.”