Karndean is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners wishing to replace old carpet or flooring. Their luxury vinyl tiles are inspired by natural patterns, with thousands of homes featuring one of their unique printed designs.

In mid-2016, our digital marketing client Fludes Carpets briefed us that they wanted to ride Karndean’s recent surge in popularity and increase the prominence of the products on their website.

The brief

Fludes are one of a handful of ‘Platinum Retailers’ of Karndean in the South East, meaning they’re exceptionally well equipped in providing the best in customer service and advice across all seven of their locations.

The idea of this new section was to provide as much information as customers could reasonably need to research, lots of good quality aspirational images showing as much of the product range as possible, and information about what they’ll find in store.

With no eCommerce element to the site, the main aim was to get customers to their nearest store to view the product more closely and talk to a member of the Fludes sales team.

What we did

Before we undertook the project, the Fludes website had little in-depth information pertaining to Karndean.

In fact it had a solitary page – a subcategory within ‘Luxury Vinyl Tiles’ – with limited copy, and just three images of the products!

The extent of the Karndean information on Fludes’ site before the project began.

Based on the brief we proposed creating a more robust and informative Karndean section of the website.

Following our research, we decided we needed:

  • An improved Karndean overview page that introduces the product
  • A ‘Why Choose Karndean?’ page – highlighting the many benefits the product has
  • An FAQ page
  • A ‘Where to Buy Karndean’ page, with specific information about Fludes as an authority on Karndean
  • A ‘cleaning and maintenance’ page – including details on the Karndean Clean kit (an item with useful up-sell potential).

We also agreed with Fludes that to give the whole section more prominence, the the top hierarchical page would sit alongside broader categories of flooring that Fludes also does – such as wood floors and rugs – rather than nested under ‘luxury vinyl tiles’ as before.

The goal was to produce a hub of information that would answer the majority of a visitor’s potential questions about the product.

Karndean themselves pride themselves in producing fantastic images of their different ranges. We therefore also created a filterable gallery on the Fludes carpet website, enabling users to experience the different ranges of Karndean such as the Da Vinci, Art Select, and Opus.

Alongside this, the extra pages on the website were populated with clean and striking imagery which reinforced the versatility of the product.

And, finally, we added specific pages for each Fludes Carpets location.

This was necessary as not all Fludes Carpets stores are the same internally, with some having different Karndean ranges on display to others as well as some having additional features such as dedicated ‘design tables’ to help you build your perfect combination of design and border (of which there are many!)

The new Karndean section of the Fludes website


We determined three main key performance indicators for the project: organic search entrances to the site to Karndean. tracking rankings for related geographically based keywords; and conversions related to reported in-store interest, enquiries and sales from Fludes.


Visits to Karndean pages from Organic Traffic


Increase in Karndean sales in the first quarter following project completion compared to the previous year

  • Organic search – comparing the six months post-campaign to the average of the three similar intervals pre-campaign, visits to the Karndean part of the Fludes site coming from organic traffic has increased 136 per cent.
  • Search ranking – based on improving Karndean-related searches in the vicinity of the six store locations. Fludes now ranks in the top 3 for Newhaven, Eastbourne and Haywards Heath, as well as in the top 5 for Brighton and the new Bournemouth store.
  • Conversions – In the first quarter following project completion, Karndean sales increased by 45% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Andy Laird, Managing Director of Fludes Carpets: “We noticed after the launch of the new Karndean section that our customers were now coming in with a clear idea of the product choices and the technical side of installation.

“This meant that conversion from enquiry to sale was simpler for the sales team.

“Almost from day 1 the visits to the product pages increased and enquiries which resulted were firm sales opportunities.”

“As with all success stories we now have big growth numbers to try to emulate this year, accordingly we are now looking at further development of our Karndean Designflooring online presence and are already at the planning stage with Tomango.”