The brief

Nutley Edge is a beautiful rural property overlooking the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.

Originally a working farm, the buildings were converted into 13 self-catering holiday cottages in 2011 and opened to the public soon after. Offering a range of quality accommodation, the venue is ideal for families and group of friends and is also available for group bookings and events.

In 2015, as part of a wider marketing campaign, Nutley Edge commissioned Tomango to design and build a new website to help them increase occupancy rates. Integration was required with a third party system that had already been chosen to manage the online bookings.

There were several key objectives for the new website;

  1. To provide a professional online presence to attract the target audiences
  2. To enable visitors to find the ideal accommodation for their needs
  3. To show great images and give details for each cottage
  4. To take as many online bookings as possible
  5. To provide an excellent experience for all users on all devices

Home page

The team at Nutley Edge will be the first to admit that, at the start of the project, they had limited experience of what was involved in designing a successful website. With our help they began to realise what was possible even with a small budget, and the end result was a site that undoubtedly exceeded their expectations.

The project

The project started – as always – with a detailed planning process. The aim of this stage is to understand as much as we can about our client’s business and what they want the website to achieve, so we can work out how best to help them.

Knowing that one of the main objectives was to get more online bookings, we explored how to make the process of finding the right cottage as easy as possible. The next step we wanted the user to take was to check availability and make a booking. The previous website had a clear disconnect between step 1 and 2 – what we needed was a seamless experience.

By working closely with the designers of the booking system, we found it was possible to style the booking part of the process to fit the design of the rest of the site, resulting in a much more professional and effective website.

Our design team worked on concepts for the key pages before presenting them to the client for their comments. With the exception of a couple of small changes, Nutley Edge embraced the new designs wholeheartedly and so the project moved on to the development stage.

“The team at Tomango were a real pleasure to work with on this project. Friendly, flexible and professional throughout.”

Chris Jacobs
Marketing and Communications Officer, Nutley Edge
Cottage details page

Cottage details page

After our Lead Developer Trys had developed the page templates for the front end of the site from the approved designs, he set about organising the integration with SuperControl, the third party booking system.

He worked closely with the SuperControl development team to make sure the styling was implemented exactly as we wanted, so all parts of the site worked together without being able to see the join.


Cottage search feature

As with most of our projects, there are several neat features and extra touches that really make the site special;

On each individual cottage page, as well as reading about all the facilities available and viewing a gallery of images, you can also find a comprehensive list of things to do in the local area and check availability and pricing before making your booking.

To help visitors understand the layout of the venue and where the cottages are in relation to one another, we developed an interactive map, working with a design create by their in-house designer.

And of course, we didn’t just need to find a solution that worked on a desktop – the new Nutley Edge site works perfectly on mobiles and tablets too.

The result

The client was delighted with what we were able to include in the new website, and how the final result gave them a much more professional online presence.

Managing Director Mark Vaesen said “One of the most pleasing things about this project was being able to exceed the client’s expectactions about what they could get for their budget. They really wanted to move up a level but didn’t think they’d be able to get everything we managed to deliver.

They were so pleased. And you can’t beat a happy client.”