The brief

When Josephine Sadler was just 18 months old, she had to go into hospital for a serious operation. To provide reassurance, her mum Helen wrote a storybook showing a cuddly monkey in the different places around the hospital that Josephine would visit.

The doctors and nurses were surprised by how quickly Josephine recovered from her operation, and wondered whether it was due to her being so relaxed about her stay in hospital. They loved the storybook and wanted one they could use to help other children.

The Monkey Wellbeing brand grew to a full series of storybooks and was snapped up by a major player in the healthcare industry. In 2014 they approached Tomango to design and develop a new ecommerce website for them to sell the storybooks and other products to their customers.

“Thank you to the Tomango team for all your work (and patience), we’ve really enjoyed this project and are very proud of the results of everyone’s hard work!”

Ranjit Blythe
Head of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

The project

Working closely with the client’s brand design team, we created a stunning design for the new website that would capture the imagination of the target audience.


Monkey Wellbeing homepage

Monkey Wellbeing home page

Store page

Store page

The designs were converted to compliant web pages and integrated with the Woocommerce plug-in for WordPress, to provide all the functionality required by the online shop.

Bespoke developments were added to allow for VIP repeat customers so they could see preferential pricing, and a comprehensive shipping calculator was created.

Responsive website

Responsive website

The result

The website has received glowing feedback since its launch.  The innovative design and the brand tie-in have been particularly well received.

We’re now in the early stages of planning the next project with the parent company for another of their healthcare brands.