The brief

HOP is a multi-disciplined 50-strong practice of Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers based in Hove, East Sussex. The partnership is at the top of its game and is involved in high quality engineering projects both nationally and internationally.

HOP came to us in the autumn of 2016 having seen the work we did for their colleagues at ECE Architecture. They’d recognised their website no longer reflected their position in the marketplace and asked us to redesign the site to put them back on top and ahead of their competitors.

We identified three key objectives for the new website:

  1. To position the HOP brand to properly reflect their abilities as cutting-edge engineers
  2. To attract more of their ideal clients, by showing them similar projects they’ve worked on for others
  3. To attract the best talent in the industry, by demonstrating HOP is a great place to work

The project

We spent time talking with HOP about where they wanted to go as a business, and how the website fitted in to those plans. These discussions enabled us to work out the right structure, pages and navigation for the site.

“We spoke to several agencies about our project, but chose Tomango because they stood out as the most passionate, enthusiastic and interested in the needs for our new website.

They clearly defined the process in a Project Plan, in which they took our initial ideas and requirements and put together the user journey, resulting in the website layout.

Tomango delivered what they promised, on time and within the budget, even with us developing our requirements as the design progressed.”

Adam Humphrey
Director, HOP

Personas help us identify – and refer back to – the target audience

We can experiment with different site structures using post-its – stuck on the wall for everyone to see

Using this framework, our Creative Director Mike Vine developed the design concept for the key pages of the site. The new design was quite a leap forward for the client, but to their credit when we presented it to them they embraced it completely and were excited by the new direction.

Home page

When we delivered the draft website, HOP came back to us with feedback that included a couple of points they’d changed their mind on since the planning stage. Although our processes try to eliminate the chance of this happening, we understand in the real world sometimes it’s just unavoidable.

Fortunately we were able to make the changes needed within the original budget, and everyone was happy.

Mobile view

The result

HOP now have a site that puts them back where they belong, at the top of their marketplace.

The exceptional photography – particularly of their projects – plays a big part in the quality of the end result.

We were particularly pleased with how the News section works, displaying both short- and long-form content in appropriate ways that works within the overall design.

Another example of how we take care to create a website to fit the needs of our client, and not the other way round.