The Brief

Fludes Carpets is an independent supplier and fitter of carpet, vinyl, rugs and other floor coverings. Established in 1929, it has built an excellent reputation across Sussex based on its core values of reliability, consistency of service, value and integrity.

Tomango has designed all of Fludes printed adverts for several years. In the summer of 2013, the company decided it wanted to focus more on its online marketing activity. Tomango was commissioned to design and develop a new website followed by an online marketing campaign to promote it.

“Tomango offered excellent value and had clear, relevant and positive thoughts on how to make our website work for us.

We’re delighted with the outcome and even after just a couple of weeks were seeing an increase in visits to our website.”

Andy Laird, Managing Director
Fludes Carpets homepage

Fludes Carpets home page

Flooring page

Flooring page

Full page advert

Full page advert

The project

Fludes made it clear from the start that they wanted Tomango to take the lead with the project. From the proposal stage we were responsible for suggesting the site structure and features that were to be included. This was a welcome approach as it enabled us to add real value to the project and push the development with some interesting little touches.

Once the scope of the project was agreed and the specification was signed off, our design team worked hard to create a series of concepts to present to the client. Having worked with Fludes for several years, we recognised that some of the ideas we put forward represented quite a step forward, so we spent time explaining the different features in detail to make sure the client felt comfortable with them.

We were delighted that Fludes really embraced the designs that we presented and once these were signed off, our developers got to work on turning the concepts into a fully working website.

We allowed for some “design through development” during this phase of the project, which meant that the designers and developers could work together to make sure all the features worked in harmony and fitted the brief.

As part of the project, we’ve also fully optimised the website for search engines, editing and adjusting the initial content that the client provided. Following the launch of the site, we are undertaking an online marketing campaign to increase the quantity and quality of traffic coming to the site.

The Result

The people at Fludes were prepared to put their faith in our skills, expertise and processes. Because of this, they’ve got a stunning website that fits their brief, provides them with a hard-working marketing tool for their business and sets them apart from their competitors.

We were particularly pleased with the layout of the gallery, the store locator and the flooring budget calculator and it’s the attention to detail in these areas that elevates this site from good to great.


Increase in traffic in first 12 months.


Search terms achieving 1st page results.


Increase in turnover attributed to online marketing.

Advert design

The Tomango team has been designing Fludes’ printed adverts for several years. Typically, these adverts appear in local or national press (from Sussex Express to the Mail on Sunday) and glossy magazines. Recent projects have included a double page advert for Sarah Beeny and a full page advert for the Mail on Sunday.

Our designers’ clear understanding of the business ensures that wherever these adverts appear and whatever they’re promoting, they provide a great return on investment and reinforce the Fludes brand.

Read about our more recent work on the Fludes Carpets website in our follow-up project.