The brief

ECE Architecture is an award-winning architectural practice based in Worthing, West Sussex.

Formed in 2010, the 50-strong team works closely with its clients to deliver exceptional buildings that exceed expectations. It works across a range of sectors including private and affordable housing, civic buildings and schools and commercial projects.

ECE continues to expand and work on more interesting and valuable projects. In the spring of 2015, it was decided that the time had come for the online presence of the company to be updated to better reflect the type of work it now does, and its values and personality.

There were several key objectives for the new website;

  1. To attract new, enlightened clients that buy in to and share ECE’s values
  2. To proudly display the work they do
  3. To be more focused on careers, values and the social aspect of life at ECE
  4. To provide an excellent experience for all users on all devices
ECE Architecture

Explore page

ECE is a creative business, with extremely high standards when it comes to how their work is presented. They wanted a website that not only positioned them favourably against their peers, but technically stood out as being innovative and user-friendly.

The project

Working within the existing brand guidelines, we created a very bold and contemporary concept to present to the client. We really “pushed the creative boundaries” with the design – it was possibly one of our boldest yet – and were very excited about getting ECE’s reaction…

They didn’t like it.

Or at least they didn’t love it.

But instead of getting despondent, we worked closely with them to understand where we’d perhaps pushed things a bit too far, and amended the design accordingly.

And by working our way through the creative process, we ended up with an even better result.

“You’ve delivered on everything.

You’ve been flexible, allowing us to make amendments at each stage to ensure the site meets our slightly evolving needs.

And responsive, just like our new site.”

Stuart Eatock
Managing Director, ECE Architecture
ECE Architecture

Projects page

The concept was worked up as a series of mock-ups covering all the pages on the site. We realised at this point that the chosen style required each page to be designed individually, which in turn meant that extra time would need to be spent in the development stage.

But it was worth it.

ECE Architecture

Responsive website

In particular, the Explore section of the site, which pulls together lots of different content to tell the story of the culture at ECE, and the Projects section, where users can filter projects by a number of different criteria, provided challenges to the development team.

And of course, we didn’t just need to find a solution that worked on a desktop – it needed to work perfectly on tablets and mobiles too.

The result

The client is very happy with the finished site, and so are we.

A lot of love went into designing and building this website, and new ideas were being explored along the way – both by us as a creative team, and by the client.

The end result is a website that looks visually stunning, works brilliantly across all devices, and has great features and little nuggets of functionality that make the user experience extremely enjoyable.

Having great images plays such a huge part in the quality of the finished design.

Because we were able to use such fantastic images we could go full-width across a number of areas of the site, which led to some interesting grid systems for image-heavy pages.

Creative Director Mike Vine said “What worked particularly well on the ECE site were areas like Explore – where great images and bold block colours come together to deliver a very high-impact visual – and the Team page, where again we had high quality photography to work with.

It just goes to underline how having great images plays such a huge part in the quality of the finished design.”