The brief

Agon Systems is a manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) equipment based near Biel, in Switzerland.

You’ve probably seen and walked past EAS equipment hundreds of times in your life; thousands if you’re a keen shopper.

You know the security tags you find attached to clothing and other items in shops – the ones that set off an alarm if they’re not taken off before you leave the store?  Agon makes the release systems for the tags and the head-height pedestals you walk past at the shop entrance.

“I feel so fortunate that a good friend recommended Tomango as he felt they really captured the ideas he had for his business.

I have to say he was not wrong. Tomango have been fantastic right from the start and completely understood my vision for the business.

They’ve produced a great web site which totally reflects the companies values. But in addition they have also helped to totally re-brand the company.

I knew our existing logo was old fashioned but when compared to the new version offered by Mike at Tomango, the difference was like chalk and cheese.

All the team have a “can do” attitude and are solution-focused, which makes dealing with them such a pleasure.”

Sean Welch
CEO of the Agon Group and UK Managing Director

Tomango was commissioned to create a new brand identity, business stationery and a fully responsive website for Agon Systems that would position them as world leaders in the EAS industry.

Agon brand

Logo and colour palette


Agon product sheets

Product sheets

Agon homepage

Agon website home page

Case studies page

Case studies page

Responsive website

Responsive website

The project

Agon Systems was acquired by our client, Sean Welch, in spring 2014 from the original owners that founded Agon in 1996.  Sean had a very clear vision for Agon’s growth, but recognised that he needed a strong creative agency to deliver a visual identity that would reinforce the company’s brand values and position them correctly in their marketplace.

Our creative team, headed by Creative Director Mike Vine, worked with Sean to identify the brand values that set Agon Systems apart from the competition, and began working on concepts for the brand identity.  Working within established boundaries and a clearly defined brief, the team created a bespoke typeface and graphic that captures the qualities Agon stands for.

The client was able to place their faith in us and correctly trusted that our guidance, backed by years of experience, would deliver the best outcome for the project.

The strong brand identity is carried through to the business stationery and responsive website design and Sean is absolutely delighted with the end result.

The result

Early on in this project, we were able to demonstrate to the client that we had understood the unique qualities of Agon’s business model and Sean immediately bought in to the new brand identity with real enthusiasm.

He recognised the benefits of taking our advice and guidance throughout the project, which ensured consistency of quality across the design and programming of the website, as well as the copy and photography that was used.  Each individual element of this brand identity and website project was finished to the very highest standards.

In the late summer of 2014, we began work on an online marketing campaign to drive quality web traffic to the site.